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Judi is truly the 'Dog Whisperer'.  She has an uncanny understanding of the canine mind and was able to transorm our hyperactive, disobedient and timid puppy into a manageable, more confident pet.  Her 10 day Boarding & Training program working with our pup laid the foundations that has enabled us to continue his training at home.  During this training, Judi worked above and beyond any expectations to ensure that our puppy was able to cope with new situations and busy, distracting environments.  She has a passion for her work and a wealth of knowledge, which she kindly shared with us when we collected our pup.  We highly recommend Judi as a Dog Trainer.

AL & "Winston" - 19.1.13



Because of your tips (which I followed religiously & still do) Finn is now a well behaved dog when out walking & has learnt to wait etc.  I am delighted with the results and it was money very well spent for peace of mind & walking pleasure.

Thank you again.

Ruth Baxter & "Finn McCool" - 4.9.12


It was great to meet you yesterday and to learn so much from you in such a short time.  My walk with Lizzie today was the best I have ever enjoyed!  For once I felt that she was aware of me rather than it being just herself with some incidental baggage tagging along.  Her eyes kept looking towards me which is something I have never seen her do before.  Thanks again for all your help - I am still incredulous that all this has been achieved so quickly.


DF (Mt Waverley) & "Lizzie" 17.6.10


I enjoy Pro-K9 Classes.  I was initially apprehensive about group lessons but they proved to be an excellent experience for Sasha and the motivational exercises in addition to praise/rewards was very beneficial.  Sasha is also far less apprehensive about meeting other dogs now.  I would certainly recommend Pro-K9's obedience classes to my friends.

JO - June 2010


The Pro-K9 Classes are great.  The amount taught in the level I undertook with BamBam was perfect and the instructors were also very approachable and willing to help.

K - June 2010


Just a quick note to say thank you for yesterday.  It has made a HUGE difference - Martha has been amazing today.  Both Simon and I found  she's already walking on a loose lead.  Tonight I was walking with her on lead when a neighbourhood cat ran right in front of us.  Martha tensed up, but she stayed on the loose lead.  Two days ago she would have lunged toward the cat and pulled on the lead forcefully enough to have me stumbling forward.

Obviously, this says a lot more about how smart and willing to please Martha is than what it says about me - it turns out I needed more training than she did.  Having said that, I'm not getting complacent : I know I need to keep reinforcing her behaviour when she's doing well, and showing her otherwise when needs be.  Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for training me, so that I can be a better owner/companion to her.

GB (Clifton Hill) 14.4.10


Hi Judi.  We would just like to give you an update on how Matilda is going after she completed her boarding and training course with you at All Breeds late last year.  She is a completely different dog and so well behaved.  Friends and family are amazed and often want to swap dogs with us!  Walking her on a lead is a joy and her not jumping on people has not reared at all, which is great.  You are truly a credit to the training industry, your contact with us whilst she was away from home was invaluable.  Thanks again for teaching us both also how to continue her training once the boarding time was up.  With many thanks, Melanie, Brendan and of course Matilda ..... "Tilda" as you used to call her.  

PS :  Brendan loves showing visitors her "mark" trick with the Frisbee!

MW (AltonaNorth) and "Tilda" 7.4.10



Bonnie's behaviour has shown a marked improvement since starting classes with Pro-K9!  I also found the explanations of why something is done in a particular way, to be useful.  I liked the way that the trainers showed a real interest in us and the progress we have made.

LA and "Bonnie" - March 2010




I enjoy Pro-K9’s classes very much!  I also firmly believe Villi enjoys them … the visual examples help me a lot.   There was enough content to keep the motivation going.  … I’ve discovered that Villi is a great dog to work with!  Many friends have asked me where I train ….. I keep recommending Pro-K9.  I’m hooked!

JB (Warragul) and "Villi" - February 2010



All trainers [at Pro-K9 Classes] are always helpful and friendly.  More guidance than expected for a group class, which made the class much better. The instruction was always clear and concise and if queried was always explained again differently to help us.

LM (Cranbourne) 21.2.10


Pro-K9 classes were always enjoyable for both of us. I also found the explanations of why something is done in aparticular way to be useful.  Pro-K9’s instruction has helped explain the messages I send to my dog, both verbally and non-verbally.  [My dog’s] behaviour has shown a marked improvement since starting Pro-K9 classes.  I liked the way that the trainers showed areal interest in us and the progress we were making. 

LA (Beaconsfield) 21.2.10


Thank you so much once again for giving me a new direction to go on . I really feel like I am training and not wondering …   My first walk I could notice a big difference. .. in the end it was like the two of us could bond more .  I can see such a better understanding right now in terms of where I was going wrong …

CS (Edithvale) 21.2.10


As always you have been a blessing to us and thank you again for your assistance & continuing helping hand even through email. Your knowledge, joy & love for the animal world is well understood even through email. You read not only the animal well but so too the owners...

RB & TB (Hampton Park)  17.01.10


Just to give you an update on Lulu. She has been fantastic ever since you came out for training.  She is a completely different dog now.  She does have some times where she gets a bit excited, but I just keep on doing what you have taught me and she comes good.  Majority of the time she doesn’t even really pay much attention to the other dogs.  I have also found that when introducing her to other dogs she is much quieter too.  Thank you so much for your help.  She is now the perfect little gem.

NM(Carrum Downs) and "Lulu" 19.11.09



Thank you.  Not really the words to say how much I appreciate it, but can’t think of better ones.

JB (Warragul) 15.11.09


We enjoyed Pro-K9’s classes very much.  I know what to do now, how to get my dogs attention and how to teach him what to do.

Anon 15.11.09


I found Pro-K9 Classes to be very informative and educational.  Information and the delivery was well communicated.  Reiteration of key points constantly was excellent.  I certainly noticed a bond and behavioural difference in my dog, in line with the training.  Thank you for the opportunity.  The Course was concise, well delivered and clear.  Individual needs were addressed and very profes

sional. I will recommend to others.

MB (Narre Warren South) 15.11.09


I engaged Judi as a behaviourist to help me address my dog's extreme fear of people (she was an ex-puppy farm breeding bitch).  I had managed to build a relationship with my dog (Lucy), but she was still very scared of people and was unable to even wear a leash.  Not only did Judi give me a plan to follow to be able to address this, she provided support and answered many questions months after the consult.  Just a few months later and Lucy now goes to school every week, enjoys nightly walks and has grown more confident by leaps-and-bounds.  I don't believe that I would have achieved these results without Judi's help.  My only regret is not engaging her sooner.  I recommend her to everyone I meet who has a problem dog - and I take my recommendations seriously.  

MR (Murrumbeena) and "Lucy" November, 2009


We are doing well. Your help and ideas have really made a difference.  

KH (Burwood) 11.9.09


We would like to thank you, Judi and Jane, for a great 6 weeks (Pro-K9 Obedience ClassCourse).  Lizzie so loved coming to see all her friends, and slept nearly all day after each session.  … this training 

has been a great help.

JB (Sandhurst) 2.8.09


I am really pleased with our progress since you explained to [us] how the dog mind works and how to become the packleader … she hardly jumps up on us at all and waits till we call her to us to be greeted. Its such a pleasant experience for us now. … everything seems to just have fallen into place. Molly is also a lot more relaxed now and is even happy to spend time outside on her own. Thank you for your time, [we] have learnt a lot from your visit.

SR(Frankston South) 12.7.09


I just love my dogs and get so into your classes …I just can’t thank you enough for sharing your knowledge, it is greatly appreciated,

CS (Berwick) 3.7.09


I really enjoyed our classes with Pro-K9.  The reminder tips that Pro-K9 provides are really helpful and one of the facets I've learnt that has been particularly useful with Charlie is the use of my voice/tone.

ML (Mentone) - June 2010


We have success!!!!! Bambi is now reliably able to be left alone in the house during the day and no accidents! …I'm so happy!!!!  Thank you SO much forall your help! She is so much more confident now! … I very much appreciate everything you've done for us, and if we have any other problems, you'll be my first port of call.

ES (Lower Templestowe) 4.5.09


Judi, I want to thank you for your support.  If I had embarked on the e-collar training without the back up of a behaviourist I think I probably would have abandoned it and ended up with a dog that I could only ever walk on the lead and ultimately dreading taking her out.  Your advice on how to modify our training as we went along and yur generosity in sharing the vast training toolbox and experience you have is helping us to succeed.  We continue to make steady progress!

JC (Mt Waverley)  22.3.08


Went on another walk today and Zoe passed numerous white fluffy dogs, black ones, JackRussells, many  pulling to get near her and she didn’t bark or lunge at ANY of them... I’m so happy.

KW (Blackburn South) 11.8.08  


Through Pro-K9's classes I have a much better understanding, having more control and recall is the best.  There has been no area of instruction that I found unclear or unhelpful - if I didn't get it straight away the instructors picked it up and went over it.    I have already recommended Pro-K9's classes to others.  Thank you, Pro-K9, for your generous and advice and time.

R - September 2009


Judi, what can I say?  I really am ecstatic.  … unless I had seen what was possible I don’t think I would have been able to create this as a reality, because before that, I would have thought it would take years, if at all, to get to this.  The transformation in [my dog]  has been nothing short of miraculous, and we can only go forward from here!    So thank you, thank you, thank you again. … for all your 

help and support, it truly is priceless and is making such a massive difference to our lives.  Thanks again for giving us a new life and relationship.

RP (Mt Martha) 3.3.08


lorraine & megs a walk in the park 200pxls ws.jpg

We have had Meg, our chocolate Labrador, from a puppy of eight weeks old.  She has been a joy to have and all the family get so much from having her as part of our family.  As she has got older, bigger and stronger her desire to go out for walks means she has been pulling dreadfully on the lead and therefore the fun and enjoyment of taking her out has diminished with every walk.  

We met Judi at a breakfast function and had a good chat with her about Meg and that prompted us to do some "Loose Lead Specialty Classes" with her.  After just three lessons with Judi, Meg is now a completely different dog on the lead and the whole family can now enjoy walking her again. 

We would like to thank Judi for her complete understanding of dogs and of Meg and helping us getting our dog back!  Thanks Judi, we couldn't have done it without you.

- Lindsay Family -






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