Maree, Lance and "Bree"

Our beautiful 20 month-old Lab "Bree" was a bit of a problem with stealing and being very pushy. She really used to rule the roost. If she wanted on the couch, she got on the couch ..... and we would sit on the floor to accommodate her.  Getting Bree to go outside when she didn't want to was another issue that was not without difficulty.

We soon realised that this had to stop.

I am so grateful to the woman at work who had Judi's (Pro-K9) number.  I came home and discussed it with my partner and we decided we needed help - not Bree, but us. I soon rang and we made the appointment. 

When Judi came out we had no idea what to expect .... but it was wonderful - we learnt so much and have incorporated this into our daily living easily.

Our "Bree" has turned completely around now that she realises the ranking order.  I feel a bit sorry for the poor girl as she must have been so confused not knowing where she really was in the pecking order.

Since Judi has been here, and with her wonderful "check in follow-up calls", we have been able to establish a very harmonious balance with Bree and I must say, with us in control.

Once again Judi - thank you for showing us how to have this beautiful well-mannered and obedient dog.

Thank you. 

- Maree - 

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