Fiona, "Ella", "Tacker" .... and cat!

My Golden Retriever "Ella" had been attacked in the past and since then exhibited fear aggression towards other dogs.  The behaviour worsened to the point where taking her out on walks was unmanageable and certainly unpleasant, as she would lunge at every dog we met along the way.  Despairing, I remembered my girl's friendly demeanour before the event that changed her outlook towards other dogs and contacted Judi at Pro-K9 Dog Training & Behaviour.

Active ImageJudi came out with us and spent time coaching myself in strategies to apply when we found ourselves in the worrisome predicament of the presence of other dogs.   Much explanation of Ella's behaviour; why it was occurring and why had in the past continued to escalate, helped greatly in raising my confidence in being able to manage Ella whilst we were out and about on our walks.

Due to pre-planned holidays, I also engaged Judi to look after my two dogs (Ella and Tacker) .... oh, and my cat .... whilst I was away.  Judi attended them on a daily basis.  She walked, fed and watered them.  In addition she ensured that the yard was picked up, their clam shell pool was clean and contained water (due to the hot weather) and also cleared my letterbox, put the bins out on garbage night and even (on request) watered our pot plants.  I had wondered if Judi was going to manage to walk Ella, as previous attempts by someone else had proven futile - Ella being a shy dog would not easily allow other people to catch her.  But I shouldn't have been concerned as Judi's strategies with Ella promoted confidence and both Ella and Tacker were well looked after and exercised.  Since then I have engaged Pro-K9 on several occasions to look after Ella and Tacker whenever I have needed to be away without them.  

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Beyond that, I decided that it would certainly relieve my extra-ordinarily busy lifestyle if Pro-K9 would agree to walk both Tacker and Ella once a week.  I love my dogs and see them walked every day, but with double work-shifts I sorely needed some time so that I could attend to other things as well.  So began a lengthy and happy relationship between my two dogs and Judi.  I know that Judi took her time to get to know Ella and Judi's manner meant that Ella never felt threatened or punished.  Judi had a way with both Ella and Tacker which instantly promoted positive behaviour. What I did notice as a 'spin off' from Judi being engaged to walk my dogs, was the further rise in confidence that Ella displayed. This was also noticed by their groomer, who normally had difficulties with Ella's timidness and shyness.  It also reflected in Ella's increased improvement in the presence of other dogs and although I continue to work on that behaviour issue, it is vastly improved.  In fact not so long ago Ella even selected a few dogs and playfully interacted with them for a short while!!

In addition to everything, Judi has also been vigilent in her awareness of my dogs' health and on one occasion of the arrival of her visits rang me with a concern about Tacker, who was showing up lame with a swollen foot. 

Active ImageI was at work that day so Judi offered to take Tacker to the Vet's as a broken foot was suspected.  Fortunately xrays proved it to be a bad sprain but I was so relieved and thankful that Judi was there to care for my dogs in my absence as though they were her own.

Judi's dedication to working through Ella's behavioural problems enabled Ella to develop the skills in order to have a much more fulfilling and social life.  Judi patiently took me through the steps needed to continue Ella's education whilst always being ready to give sound advice and direction.

Thank you Judi so much for all your work and enthusiasm.  I have so much to thank you for as Ella and Tacker have benefited so much from your walks and training.  Naturally I cannot help but highly recommend you not only in your primary capacity as a trainer and behaviourist, but also as an excellent and trust-worthy dog (and cat) minder and walker.  We (myself, Tacker and Ella) have all appreciated your expertise, ongoing help and service.


Fiona, Tacker, Ella .......... and cat!

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