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You've already taken the first right step towards wanting to do the best by your pup to help him or her grow into a calm, confident and well-behaved dog and companion by looking for somewhere to help you begin your pup's education!  Welcome to Pro-K9's Puppy Preschool program overview.  

Set yourself up with knowledge on how to introduce your pup to the beginnings of good behaviour training; obedience training; socialisation and habituation.  

For pups up to the age of 16 weeks, a once-a-week for 4 weeks course with a maximum of 10 pups per class. 

The development phase for pups of this age group is called the "Critical Period of Development" and for very good and scientifically proven reason.  During this period of development your pup's brain is like a brand new sponge, soaking up everything he or she sees, hears and experiences.  In fact, every experience your pup has - and that includes not only good experiences but also bad experiences as well as no experiences - becomes permanent in his or her memory.  Your pup's brain is developing through this period, to the extent that the amount of learning about life during this time actually has the effect of changing the shape of his or her brain.  So providing life-experiences during this phase is not an opportunity we want to miss.  But it is very important that we provide our pups with the right experiences.   At Pro-K9, we are very aware of the impact of learning through this phase and so our Puppy Preschool Classes are designed to help you set your pup to be the best he or she can grow to be.

Practical Course Content : 

  • Sit 
  • Drop
  • Stay
  • Name recognition
  • Recall
  • Focus on owner - "Look at me"
  • Leash Manners - Walking nicely on lead
  • Canine Etiquette & socialisation skills

 Topics covered and discussed :

  • Leadership Skills.  You want your pup to look to you for guidance - make sure you set the right examples!
  • Problem solving tips and advice on a wide range of topics including (but not limited to) :
    • Toilet Training
    • Mouthing
    • Destructive chewing
    • Jumping up
    • Setting your puppy up to learn to learn
    • Habituation to worldly things your pup will need to be comfortable with
    • Handling for calm relaxation
    • Building confidence

 Venue :  All Breeds Boarding Kennels, 325 Westernport Highway (Dandenong-Hastings Road), Lyndhurst, Vic.

 Day/time : Wednesday evenings - 6.45pm start time.

 Duration :  Approx 45mins to 1 hour. 

All puppy-preschool attendees receive a Completion Certificate at the end of their 4 week course!

This information-packed course is an excellent beginning and introduction to our Foundation Group Class which is the next level of dog-training designed to bring your dog up to enthusiastically wanting to work with you.

Email us with your name and contact information and we'll send you our email flyer for more information or telephone Judi on 0419 204 023 to book your place on the next available course.





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