Obedience Classes

NOTICE : 27 March 2020


Our approach to training, which has always included purposely small group numbers, and the fact that we run our group training outdoors in a very spacious training field, has our local Federal MP confirming that we are good to go in terms of continuing to help Members and clients with their dogs' training.  We respect the concerns surrounding the current Coronavirus 19 pandemic and are of course mindful of the cautions that we are all entertaining and complying with and we maintain the social distancing recommendation of at least 1.5 metres (often more) and we have a supply of hand sanitiser in the event that our group class members wish to use it.

These are tough times for everyone and I thank all our clients for respecting the measures which have become necessary to reduce the CV19 spread and impact, but for also considering their dogs' needs which very importantly includes mental stimulation and of course, good behaviour within the community.  The conduct of our lessons comply with the recommendations thus far set down by the Prime Minister of Australia.  We hope that it will not come to the point where restrictive measures are declared which cause us to have to send our services into hibernation, but we wish to reassure our Members that, in the event this does occur, any unused portion of group Membership fees from the date of such 'hibernation' WILL BE REFUNDED.



Pro-K9 is more than just a training club.  At Pro-K9 you receive tuition from our professional, qualified and nationally accredited instructors. With a view to promoting dogs to enthusiastically learn, and to promoting handler education to best harness that enthusiasm, our Pro-K9 Instructor to client ratio attention is second to none.  At our conveniently located grounds servicing the South Eastern and district suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria, Pro-K9's unique training formulas and content provide its clients with more than just one training strategy.  Why do we think this is important?  Because at Pro-K9 we regard your dog as an individual and what may well work best for one dog may not be the best training method for yours.  



Membership is quarterly.  Just like a gym membership, train at your own pace to match that of your own requirements and that of your dog. Subsequent membership renewals are owners' choice to reflect how far you wish to advance your dog's training.

Membership begins with two mandatory lessons ("Intro 1" and "Intro 2") comprising of comprehensive explanation of the exercises you will be coached and trained in when you subsequently join our "Foundation" training level, ensuring that you will not be left confused when working within the group.  These two lessons (conducted over two training days) are conducted on Sunday mornings but have a variable start-time dependant upon the date you wish to commence and our Instructor availabilty.   These times are allocated at the time you confirm your dog's Membership with Pro-K9. 

Pro-K9 welcomes partnership participation during group training lessons (up to two adults per dog).  Participation requires both partners to register their names and signatures on our Enrolment Form (available on request); both partners to have completed the minimum requirement of attending both Intro 1 and Intro 2 lessons; and for both to regularly attend the group training lessons throughout the dog's Membership period/s.  It does mean that our Instructors are teaching TWO handlers as opposed to only one, which can slow the initial handler progress slightly, but the huge advantage is that both people involved in your dog's training on a day-to-day basis will be on the same page and your dog will find the training less confusing.  There is no increased fee for this privelege.  

Class size

Ever been to a class with too many numbers and feeling as though you're lost in a crowd and not receiving the help you need?  It's not fun and can be quite frustrating, disheartening and disappointing.  Pro-K9 is very aware of the importance of excellent tuition and we pride ourselves in the ability to be able to assist each handler work through any 'sticky' exercises they may be having difficulty with by offering top of the range attention to each of our class members during the course of their Membership.  Our class numbers are capped at 15 dogs per Instructor.  That's our guarantee.  But what we find even better is that because dogs are frequently being passed up to higher levels as their training progresses, the numbers of dogs per class Instructor often averages out to a ratio of 6:1.  In addition, when we can we place an additional Instructor on the grounds during class times for the benefit of assisting handlers one-on-one when and if the need arises.  

NOTICE!  We're delighted to announce that we've had quite a few pass-up's from our Foundation level in recent times, which means we have a number of vacancies currently available!

Next  available start dates : 

  • Sunday, 5 April 2020


Non-training dates 2020:

  • Sunday 29 March 2020
  • Sunday 12th April 2020 (Easter Sunday)
  • Sunday 31 May 2020
  • Sunday 30 August 2020
  • Sunday 29 November 2020
  • Sunday 20 December 2020 to 31 January 2020 (both inclusive) (Christmas/New Year Break for 2020/21)

Membership periods transcending any Pro-K9 declared "non-training dates" are extended accordingly - your Membership is NOT compromised.  

Dog Age

Dogs/pups of approximately 16 weeks* of age and older are suitable for beginning training in our Foundation Level Obedience Classes.  

(*Exceptions applied on individual merit to the minimum age requirement.)

Vaccination Requirements

Minimum C3 vaccination cover.  Evidence of immunity by way of Titre Test accepted.

Training days

Sunday mornings


Pro-K9's private training grounds located at All Breeds Boarding Kennels, 325 Westernport Highway (Dandenong-Hastings Road), Lyndhurst (3klms north of KCC Park).
For Class Level component information, start times and duration, click the corresponding links below.

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