Behaviour Problems

Many dog behaviours are not a problem to our dogs ….. they are often merely a problem to us – but all the same, they can be quite serious problems which might create economic issues (eg. destruction of valued items within the household) or stress within the community -  eg. excessive barking upsetting the neighbours and/or the Council, or both.

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But there are other behaviours that are a problem to both owner AND dog. For example, aggression towards other dogs and/or people; anxiety when left alone whilst owners are absent.  The behaviours of dogs who suffer from these causes is not fun for owners. And they’re not fun for the dogs either - the emotional states of aggression, fear or anxiety aren't pleasant.  Under the supervision of Pro-K9 who will set a program to assist you to work through to changing your dog’s behaviour, you will not only be doing yourself a favour and reap the reward of a more harmonic relationship, but you’ll be doing your dog a favour as well!

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Pro-K9 has behaviour problem solving experience in a broad range of fields, from excessive barking; pulling washing off the line; digging; destructive chewing;  mouthing (a common problematic behaviour commencing in puppy hood!), just to mention a few ….. right through to fear and aggression towards other dogs and/or people.

Behaviour Consultations normally take place at your home. This enables your behaviourist/trainer to observe your dog in its own familiar environment and to therefore ascertain and assess the behaviour exhibited and your dog’s perceived relationship with you. There are occasions of aggressions where on-site consults are not recommended, however this will be discussed at the time of arranging a consultation appointment.

Email/telephone support is also provided in conjunction with behaviour consultation/s.  To validate this additional support at no cost, Pro-K9 requests that owners remain in regular contact throughout and to report progress of the behaviour following consultation.

Venue and Days

Behaviour Consultations generally take place at your home (exceptions apply depending on the behaviour issue) and the duration of the first consultation is up to two hours.  The Consultations occur Mondays through Saturdays (with Sundays dedicated to our Group Training sessions), inside working hours.  

Case report :

Rad (the red Dachshund) and his owner Carly recently contacted Pro-K9 with a plea for help as Rad was exhibiting fear behaviour and aggression towards unfamiliar people and unfamiliar dogs.  Carly was concerned as not only did this deter her from taking Rad out on walks, but because she was concerned her new addition to the 'pack' - Chico - would pick up these behaviours from Rad. 

Pro-K9 attended at Carly's home and spent 2 good hours with them.  By the time the consult had finished, we had worked through some of the exercises in the program that Carly was to continue to follow and had also taken Rad out to the streets for a walk around the neighbourhood.  Carly was amazed to see Rad's improved behaviour in even that short period of time.  Carly will be giving a report on the progress she has made with Rad, suffice to say that Carly and Rad have joined Pro-K9's "Foundation" level obedience group and can't be more delighted nor amazed at Rad's good behaviour.  Rad still has small and occasional moments of concern, but Carly knows how to respond now, and Rad is coming along in leaps and bounds with his training and his behaviour.  All this in the space of about 4 weeks, comprising one in-house consultation and so far, just 2 class obedience lessons.  Well done Carly!  You've embraced the exercises I've given you to follow and both you and Rad are reaping the rewards.

Stay tuned for Carly's 'story' in our "Testimonial" section soon.

Oh - and one of the side benefits Carly has delighted in is that both Rad and Chico used to mark up the lovely sofa in Carly's lounge room.  That's not a problem any more and Carly, her partner, Rad and Chico all share the household in more congenial harmony now .....



Judi has travelled far and wide to provide her assistance to many dog-owning households.  Local areas such as Berwick; Cranbourne; Dandenong; Pakenham; Beaconsfield; Rowville; Lyndhurst; Carrum Downs; Skye; Lysterfield; Mornington; Frankston; Seaford; Melbourne; to name just a few.  Also further afield to areas as far away as Hastings; Mt Evelyn; Lilydale* Dalesford* and Morwell* (*additional travel costs apply) but not excluding suburbs closer in to and including Central District Melbourne.  



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