My dog is fed a whole raw diet based on the recommended principals of Augustine Approved SuperFood which includes selected human-grade raw meat; selected vegetables (pureed) along with Augustine Approved SuperBoost.  The A+ SuperFood diet has greatly assisted in the improvement of my dog's dietary and digestive issues resulting in improved coat and skin; overall body condition; bowel and general health.  A+ SuperBoost is also highly recommended as a supplement.        - Judi Pro-K9 -

Calendula Tea contains natural anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties.

Used as an all-over or spot application - effective wash and healing agent for wounds, stings, hot spots, rashes, hives.  Serves as an itch relief.  Brew a Calendula cuppa, drink it for your own benefit and give your dog the tea 'slops' - good for him, good for you, no waste.  Soothes and helps to heal sore throats, and more.  Soak your dog's toothbrush with Calendula tea before brushing to help prevent gum disease.

There are so many herbal treatments and remedies out there - we often just don't know about them and you can stand to be amazed at how effective they can be yet how kind and beneficial they are to our bodies and the bodies of our dogs.  Calendula Tea is definitely one of the herbal remedies Pro-K9 keeps in the 'medicine' pantry and uses for all sorts of things that require antibacterial and antifungal care and more.  In fact, Pro-K9 doesn't use conventional commercial dog shampoos or conditioners - a wash with Calendula Tea and used as a leave in rinse does the trick and leaves the skin and coat feeling clean and shiney.  But if a natural based shampoo and conditioner is what is required, check out the Shalarm store.  While you're there, check out many of the other products by Shalarm and feel free to contact her with any query in relation to their natural herbal treatments and therapies.

Active Manuka Honey
Contains natural antibacterial components in greater quantities than other honeys.  
The potency of the antibacterial activity is measured by a UMF assay:
 0–4: Antibacterial level not detectable
5–9: Antibacterial level maintenance level
10–14: Suitable for therapeutic usage
15+: Superior antibacterial levels for therapeutic usage.
Pro-K9's preference is minimum 20 UMF.
Uses :
  • Orally for use in cases of Canine Cough - permit your dog to lick it straight from a spoon or to drink from a bowl (melt in a small amount of mildly warm water).  Also assists in soothing a sore throat. 
  • Can be applied directly to wounds, although this can prove messy and because dogs generally love the taste can cause them to lick the wound site.
  • Caution :  In the event that your dog is diabetic, check with your Vet before use.



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