Did you know that your dog's name is actually a command, a request?  Just like us, names are used to call our attention to something or someone.

Remember that verbal language is the weakest form of communication for dogs and also that they do not understand our verbal language.  Which means we need to pair an action with every different word that we want to expect them to perform accordingly to.   We so often forget this and go about our daily lives saying our dog's name countless times a day over without expecting any action from them.  And then that one time when you need it the most - when you really need them to turn around and pay attention to you (perhaps for that recall), they don't respond.

Perhaps the reason for this is that we've been inadvertently teaching them their name doesn't really mean anything .... that it doesn't mean we want them to respond to it in anyway.

Worth thinking about and taking note of how judicious we are when using our dog's name as well as what regular maintenance training we do for their name to continue to 'mean' something.

How many times in a day do you find yourself saying your dog's name ...... and does it really 'count' for your dog each time?