I'd like to thank Warren of Volare Photography for the opportunity of this interview. We had a good time putting it together and Warren did an awesome job. I hope people gain some thing from the information in the audio interview. If you know of anyone who is planning on getting a pup for Christmas (or any other time) but perhaps could do with a few tips on things they need to be aware of and think about before they too hurriedly act on their decision, please share this interview with them. 

As an aside, and sadly, I do take this opportunity to send my condolences to Warren whose beloved Golden Retriever dog "Oscar" was struck ill with cancer at the time, and despite everything being tried to the utmost to save Oscar and have him well again, sadly the cancer had spread too far and for Oscar's sake, Warren had to say good-bye to Oscar just a few days after this interview, which is now dedicated to and in memory of "Oscar".

RIP Oscar. Run free.


Enjoy the audio podcast and feel free to post additional questions.