Dogs feel heat more and are affected by heat stroke and dehydration at a faster rate than that of adult humans.  They also recover less rapidly and less well.  It is a condition that definitely needs to be regarded as serious and urgent as it can rapidly lead to fatality.
Symptoms of heat stroke include :
What can you do in the event your dog shows symptoms of heat stroke?
Early detection and action to cool your dog affords a greater chance that your dog will fully recover, although in cases of heat-stroke, attention by your veterinarian is recommended.  Eaven at the earliest stage of heat stroke, you may be fighting for your dog's life.  The symptoms of heat-stroke can be followed in minutes by collapse, seizures, coma and death.  You must get him to a veterinarian as soon as possible.  Your Vet will most likely administer hydrating fluids by way of IV drip to help your dog recover and to try to prevent organ shut-down.
What can you do to help avoid the onset of heat-stroke?
Please remember - if you suspect your dog may be suffering heat-stroke, early and immediate veterinary attention is a must.